Small website construction company how to survive in the competition

I recently read a widespread article "website construction company does not make money" deep feeling, he also experienced several small website construction company from business failure experience, have been pondering why part of Huaian website construction company was struggling. The author is not in first-tier cities large site construction company employment experience, there is no original author on the global level, this paper will explain to the author of several small companies failed to bring some thoughts and experience, I hope useful for everyone.

group of local enterprises


two, small company to expand business

in each city has its enterprise QQ group, QQ group or related industry. The website construction company can join QQ group, occasionally published a >


site construction company is most familiar with the network marketing, the narrow point of view is more familiar with the Shanghai dragon and SEM, or will use EDM marketing and so on.

in Huaian City, the company and studio engaged in the construction site, the rough count, no less than 500. The following is the webmaster tools related sites query screenshot for the love station.

SEM of the small website construction company is not practical, especially the capital relatively tight team. The amount of inquiry brought by EDM is too small, foreign customers to clinch a deal.

1, QQ

The two or three line



How the

is the first Shanghai dragon. The term "Huaian site construction" index is only 80, but there are hundreds of website construction company in the competition, many of them have hundreds of people in a large site construction company. Entrepreneurial small company website to a short time to do the word love Shanghai search engine home, have difficulty. The author believes that the small team can be the second choice of "Huaian website" and "Huaian website," these words to breakthrough, although the word is very low, but if those words do search engine home a better position, still can bring traffic to sporadic.


site construction company to expand the business, the actual roughly can be extended through the following ways.

but from love are the top three tools for website ranking, only search engine had said, had a chance of ranking

, a site construction company too much competition

site of the 72 construction sites in Huaian, must have the same company have different station. But considering the part of the company or studio did the word "Huaian site construction", or "Huaian website", "Huaian site construction company", "Huaian website" and "Hunan site construction company" and other words, secondly, there are many individual part-time, foreign net station construction company in Huaian to Fengeng. The company does not do stand 200.

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