Analysis of talent recruitment website structure adjustment principle

is currently in Tianshan talent network has the following several aspects:

1, with the central work conference held in Xinjiang, the state will introduce a series of major decisions and plans to achieve leapfrog development in Xinjiang. Can be expected to have a large number of major projects related to people’s life started, it has brought great opportunities for our recruitment work.

1, two web site partition chaos. Under the jurisdiction of the Xinjiang Autonomous Region: 2 cities (Urumqi and Karamay), 7 regions (Aletai Akesu Turpan Tacheng Kashi, Hotan, Hami area, area, area, area, area), 5 autonomous prefecture (Yili, Bortala, Changji, Bayinguoleng, Kezilesu); 11 municipal districts, 19 county-level cities, 62 counties and 6 autonomous counties. If in accordance with the classification method of normal words, Xinjiang should be divided into 14 grade two sites, and we two sites for 16, more than two by the county-level city management Corps (Shihezi, Wujiaqu), and the county-level city do not have to declare the county level qualification. The form of confusion.

The reasons and opportunities

2, do not use two domain names, retaining only the Tianshan talent network master domain name.

today, I will discuss with you about the site structure of Tianshan talent network, that to achieve a greater development, it should be adjusted from what

2, since the ban from nearly a year’s time, the unit registered members, the momentum is very good. This shows that the Tianshan talent network has great potential, we should work harder.

1, two level domain name only Urumqi, delete all other.

2, job vacancies serious. Now includes before closing the two site in addition to Urumqi, most of the remaining job vacancies.

4 and poor user experience. If a user enters the Changji Autonomous Prefecture, the cj.***贵族宝贝 site, no jobs, then the user is likely to click on the main station, there may be direct exit, but in any case, the user will not have a good impression on the website. But this situation exists.


3, promotion is weak. Early due to cut the net, a lot of promotion, can not be normal, leading to the overall strength of weak.

website, the Tianshan talent network has a better and faster development in the new opportunity comes, but also to improve the user experience, to site structure on Tianshan talent network adjustment. Adjust the following two methods:

now intensify the development of Tianshan talent network has the following two aspects:

because Urumqi is the capital of the Xinjiang autonomous region, and in most people’s minds, Xinjiang is Urumqi. So we can ignore, and unified with the Xinjiang logo, and also.

In order to solve the existing defects of

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