Talk about the original article submitted to the needs of users to search

users to search the "rival site of Shanghai Longfeng analysis" search quite accurate, you may just have a website about "competitors’sites Shanghai Longfeng analysis details, and the portal site might show a" rival site of Shanghai Longfeng analysis process "," the competition website analysis of the related steps "," the competition website keyword analysis, Shanghai dragon "or"

submission of original articles, the site is full of people, thin their blog; I think this idea may be wrong, I believe many people have met the same situation, watching their submission of the article is crazy reproduced, only a small part indicate the original source, others reproduced has been included for a long time, their this is not a blog response, small owners of sorrow.

For example: So how to get rid of the first

for a long time did not update the blog, do not know what to write on it, at the beginning of the lofty, insist to write for a period of time of the original article, adhere to the submission of a period of time; later found some problems, contribute their own articles, some published in his blog. Until now are not included; although the original article submission will increase the chain quality of some good points, even some good articles will be reproduced website platform, is also a good quality links, but looked at his blog included not up, original contribution is more and more, the blog included but stalled. So, I still think, and whether it is worth.

high weight website in addition to attract some users contribute more than other sites of the article is reproduced to plump itself, or dominated by pseudo original; this has resulted in higher similarity of the text on the Internet, search engine is to combat small sites, and maintain the sustained growth of the large, which reflects a website the value of the original resources of the same station, faster included station, but was the search engine for copying large column objects; grassroots sorrow created on the Internet quothouheixuequot, just because the value of the problem.

grassroots webmaster included after the submission of the problem? I think it should be from outside even optimization aspects, even a website optimization is a site to vote, a recommendation to guide search engine to. Can also attract spiders crawl the web frequently from various aspects, priority entry search engine index database; search the user through the search engine, the preferred portal site, is not to say that the search engine recommended site is more appropriate information needs of users, but because of the correlation of the users’ information search station gives a little more intense.

in the eyes of the search engines, some of the same information, users search through the search engine, the recommended portal is certainly in the first place, the sequence of data released no matter, regardless of the actual situation included in the Internet; the quothouheixuequot inside, it seems to be not in order of arrival, any industry in the "unspoken rule". The strong is always the first consideration, whether professional or not, whether right or wrong.

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