The beard meal to eat Shanghai dragon lies in the homogenization of brand


proved that, in the absence of any prompt circumstances, almost everyone can not be the same type of products of different brands accurately separate — even if it is often used to use a certain brand of hardcore users.

the same time, depending on what sellers (source network)

this is the fact, but with all the businesses with the industry pay more attention to the network marketing, and frequent change of various search engine algorithm change, this marketing concept has gradually become the old money – not only the search engine industry keywords "at the forefront of the stable ranking becomes more and more difficult; but with the maturity of consumers (skilled use, search for various brands of the list of recommended immunity gradually increased, for consumers) of all kinds of search engines no longer follow the recommendation result.


foreign experts have done an interesting experiment: let the 300 usually used to smoke the same brand of different brands of cigarette smoke, but don’t tell them the cigarette brand specific. Afterwards, participants from their smoked cigarettes recognize their usual cigarette, the only 2% of the participants can accurately distinguish their usual brand of cigarettes smoked by other experts in the investigation of sound, shaving cream, soft drinks, beer and champagne brand fixed in the hardcore user. Has been basically the same data.

this is the Shanghai dragon marketing theory is similar products and service quality difference, consumers are difficult to distinguish. Therefore, as long as my products and services ranked the forefront of the search engine, I can get more immediate sales opportunities, achieve more sales, so many Internet marketers do not pay attention to brand construction, they are more about the search engine and recommendation on the list of rankings in all, because this brand benefits much quicker. In this sense, "Shanghai dragon brand marketing effect is to weaken the expense of".

for the network marketing businesses, even worse is that this marketing experience is ever very real, but there was a terrible misunderstanding — network marketing is very simple, do not need to emphasize the brand building, as long as the various technical means or to obtain a variety of brand advertising platform can be prominently recommended.


cheated, can be ranked first in the well-known search engine, certainly good reputation (focus video screenshot)

actually this kind of idea is not completely mistaken brand, pay attention to the search, precisely because search users do not understand, do not know how to take.

network marketing pioneer who is surprised to find that they can "stand on the shoulders of giants", an easy job to do to realize their marketing goals, as long as the ranking list of recommended Shanghai dragon with various life is always in the forefront, will be able to sell more.

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