Shanghai Longfeng what has Shanghai Longfeng not what

two, Shanghai dragon nothing optimization

often know love Shanghai can see everyone ask such a question: what is the Shanghai dragon? What is the focus of Shanghai dragon? Whether novice or old webmaster, are very confused on this issue. I want to say is that Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon sentence: what has, Shanghai dragon what? Today and share their experiences.

four, Shanghai dragon what has

Shanghai Longfeng optimization is the key to choose the key words, the choice of keywords to consider the user experience, treat yourself as a user, if you go to search this site, you will choose what kind of keywords, the user does not want to think about yourself first. Keywords weight occupied site in title is relatively large, so a reasonable title, and title in a short and clear, repeat keywords not more than 3. Web keyword is your site keywords, don’t write, don’t repeat too much, must be accurate, brief, matching keywords to your website and content. Description is the site of the description of sentence length should be reasonable, appropriate distribution of keywords in the sentences.

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is search engine optimization for search engine is the use of rules, to improve a website optimization method for their site ranking in search engine. Why increase the ranking? Using the search engine users in search of information they will choose in the search engine ranking in front of the resources. If your site is not in the search engine has a good rankings, that few people will visit your site, so you will not achieve the purpose of profit. This is the Shanghai dragon.

three, Shanghai dragon nothing optimization

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Shanghai dragon Keywords The website construction of

analysis of Web log is essential for website optimization, through the analysis of the web page, the page has been know that spider grab, grab the success, so we can check your search engine optimization is in accordance with the rules, if does not conform to amend the optimization scheme. The content of the website construction to be updated frequently, or that the website updates to a frequency, content to be innovative, to help your membership. This will be your site spider love.

a website whether the construction of the chain, Links or within the chain is very important. The search engine is the number of links on the website of the statistics and analysis in the ranking, the chain link is also the highest weight in the soft belt, like A5 CHINAZ, so that the weight of the high site to vote, the possibility of spiders crawl, link weight high. Links to find PR in 4 to 5, a snapshot of the new station, Links to do is quality rather than quantity. In the construction of the chain can reduce the rate of jump out the site, in the construction of the chain is indispensable in Shanghai dragon.

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