Sales management tool Shanghai Longfeng project proposal demand schedule

data documents provides clients independently

the Shanghai dragon project proposal form is to reduce these problems, as far as possible before needs to grasp a more accurate and comprehensive, so that needs to transfer more symmetrical. The table is divided into 2 large parts, and displayed in the same interface, can fill in the electronic and print out can fill in.

project to

Shanghai Longfeng project refers to the customer to do the Shanghai dragon goal is what, according to the explosion of teachers years are summarized in the following several proposals for peace talks off 1) natural flow to improve the keywords ranking 2) 3 of the proportion of negative news such as home) 4) 5) extrusion advisory services customers have not yet decided.

if this is the first direct data to fill the table, if it is second to fill in the relevant documents such as the name, "

– the customer cannot provide

) The

in the data collection this part according to the project to expand to do. For example, in front of you to fill the natural flow for the purpose of the correspondence is the number (1), sales need to provide any one of the following data:

Part 1 includes project objective, data collection, project basic information three aspects. And hook optional mode, reduce the difficulty and improve the speed of the complete sales. For each fill in the item also made a automatic score, if the total score below 80 points that this project needs to understand is not complete, cannot be submitted to the team made the proposal. Helps the pre-sale management, reducing the demand for noise. Well, now look at the specific design of each section of the table:

customers GA login information

data collection

– provides monthly natural flow of the last 6 months, paid traffic must be excluded (please UV

in the 5 inside the last shows that customers do not know what you want, maybe just want to know about this product. So this type of customer demand is not the best, as a professional Shanghai dragon company is not to spend too much time and resources in the above. So the sales in the fill in this form, I put out the project to fill, if sales do not know this just don’t mention who the customer is, how much of what the budget. Because just say, do not know to what needs is a time-consuming needs no positive significance in project management.

Hello, today and share an essential requirement on project management of Shanghai dragon form. The new Shanghai dragon team needs regular from the sales department, but in many cases will occur in asymmetric information. Namely: the sales proposal given needs are often not comprehensive, or in the end customer demand has been changed, it will cause many troubles colleagues to write proposals. Write again change, ask again change, made no reply. In fact, this is the Shanghai dragon project management pre stage problems.

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