Study on the problem of the network marketing website

analysis on such research, the most essential is to explore a smooth transition path, so that visitors can improve the conversion rate, we will provide a series of content for visitors to reach what transformation path to the target page, and then when the website design is also in accordance with this kind of access path to guide visitors, in order to achieve the transformation the goal of our.

1. conversion path

all different types of Web site, the transfer path is not the same, it is different website content, and to complete the transformation before the user wants to know the information is not the same, whether the content or form, are quite different. The specific idea is to return to the analysis of the user, what is the user visits the site, they want to know what they know, the sequence information is what? This problem involves the information needs of users, which is for the visitors and said, their products and services for the enterprise website… Such knowledge or cognition is not the same, we should not let every visitor from some initial information, perhaps there are many visitors will leave after reading these they don’t need to know the information of boredom. Therefore we encountered another problem, that is the distance transformation problem.

after a lot of research, the snail found that web site will go through a series of pages in a complete access to the transaction process, from the first page of the visitors to complete the order, or the download is complete… A series of actions, the path to achieve the target site of the transformation. Most of the users and transactions will have a similar path, with certain rules, like the keywords, after long time will find some keywords in the search probability of visitors turnover will be relatively large, this is the so-called high rate of conversion keywords. So I called the similar transformation path is also smooth, after a series of access to visitors tend to complete the transformation, they arrive in the transformation of the target page unobstructed, they get the information in these pages is helpful to complete the website to help our goal.

network marketing to do is return on investment, emphasis is the conversion rate. That is to test our marketing success, whether it is reasonable, for their own profit is enterprise website upgrade. The recent transformation in the study site, erudite, from the sense of this article. This paper mainly talk about the transformation and transformation path distances.

2. conversion from

through the analysis of a large number of website visitor behavior, we will find that some will soon complete the transformation, while others need to access a large number of pages before entering into the process. This fully explains the different requirements for the site visitor information is not the same, some of them need to understand a lot of information, some do not need. Our best hope is that as soon as they complete the transformation, achieve our goal, so we need to understand the transformation of their distance as soon as possible, so that they reach their most need to visit the page. >

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