Why do the long tail keywords what is a good method to do long tail keywords

the power of the long tail keywords depends mainly on the "quantity", if the entire website only a dozen articles, it does not display its power, because can not expect each long tail keywords ranking are good. To optimize the long tail keywords, will make the overall quality of the site is slowly getting better, the weight of the website promotion. There are a lot of long tail keywords ranking is good, the total effect will be very good together. So usually write, remember to do long tail keywords.

so, how are we to write an article to do long tail keywords? Target keywords to include similarly in the web page title, and the long tail keywords also to be included in the title of the page. Long tail keywords relatively less competition, coupled with the very large quantity, so a little optimization ranking may be improved, do not need to spend too much energy. Some slightly larger competition long tail keywords may be appropriate to add some outside chain, the practice with the same target keywords. In addition, most of the other long tail keywords do not pay attention to the chain, you can add some within the chain, to build a network of contacts between their own pages within the website, the website of the weight of ascension, these long tail keywords ranking will improve.

introduction: Shanghai dragon people are very familiar with the eight characters "content is king, the chain for emperor", that is very important, especially after the love of Shanghai this year’s big update, the webmaster should pay more attention to the construction of website content, because the heart like blood, with fresh blood will be full of vigour, the updated frequently appears in the search engine, this website will not like a pool of stagnant water, but as the newspaper generally changes every day.


, mainly lies in the chain and the layout of the keywords, writing. For example, open the "rely on the 10 business model of mobile Internet to make money, the title of the article contains the long tail keywords" rely on the 10 business model of mobile Internet to make money, the long tail word will appear in a certain number of articles also, seemingly no intention of actually intended, is the keyword density increased. >

many webmaster write just to update, without considering the long tail keywords, like this website just to home page ranking, it does not matter. If you want to own the whole web site traffic, not just home page ranking, it must consider to do long tail keywords,. Long tail keywords to do effective low into the article, search the long tail keywords then the other person, it may come to your website.

Ok, we already know should update the article to cater to the search engine, then we do this there is no other purpose? The answer is yes, that is to use the article to do the long tail keywords. If an article do a long tail keywords, those ten articles can do ten long tail keywords. Shanghai dragon is usually with a purpose to write the article, when more and more the days and months multiplying, when do the long tail keywords will increase.

On the optimization of long tail keywords

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