The site is down right should be how to do

: the first web site with IP are analyzed, because in the same IP if there are other sites will also be punished by the station.

has been determined when the site is down right, then we should calm down a good analysis of the reason, but don’t feel like the sky is falling as the confound. Here we recall a security industry last year the optimization of the station, the station is a new revision of the station, the line less than two weeks through the webmaster tools query found weight from 1 to 0 and found that included from the original hundreds down to single digits, site domain name in the first and second pages are found, the author determined that the station has been down the right, it is the time when I did not behave like a confound novice, but calmly thinking, analysis of the right down to < in the absence of good reason analysis before and find solutions to recommend tell the boss, because when you do not have a good solution when the boss heard will be very unhappy, and will be very anxious for the site > I was mainly from the following three aspects of the site right down is analyzed.


. A site is down right should calmly analyze the reasons of

prior to the above situation in service traditional businesses have experienced, but the author is lucky, then Boss is a software development background, and understand some of Shanghai dragon at that time did not blame me, but told me to find the causes and solutions, but I know a friend there are also direct fired was because the site is down right. Anyway, whether it is a situation when the site is down right we should calm down and think why would be right down, in your website optimization have done violated the rule of the search engine to understand these things, then corrected optimization techniques. The other is not here to say, we are back to business, the website is down right in the end how should I do? The author combine individual simple cases from two aspects to share with you to share.

as a Shanghai dragon Er staff in the author’s opinion the most bitter, the most painful event is not the optimization of the site is down right, the site is down right behind the results as can be imagined for a website optimization, the responsible person will be under considerable pressure, especially in service companies Shanghai dragon er staff, if the boss character belongs to the type of impatient boss, definitely not mercilessly bawl you out, or will you give fire. Just as the "grass root bitter" Shanghai dragon Er personnel only hard to endure, because you will explain to your boss is meaningless, he would say you are looking for an excuse. If you encounter a comparison and show common understand a little knowledge of the Shanghai dragon boss may find your gas and chat, such a situation is what reason, how to save.

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