Let the search engine spiders better grab our site

chain, the construction of our foreign chain have a certain regularity, the search engine will examine our chain of the construction of the chain is easy to change radically be considered cheating or optimization of weight, will affect the site, regularly update the chain will gain weight better, the webmaster can not be impatient, the mass of the chain. On the outside

search engine spiders crawling on to grasp the information on the Internet, that is to say to want to be loved or Shanghai is Google search engine included, under normal circumstances there is a link exists, so that search engine spiders follow links to climb to the site, the spider came, in order to effectively capture. To let the search engines crawl the site better, we usually do is to:

first, the first to be ready to grab "(" food ")

webmaster will usually say "feed the spider", refers to update the content of the website, then let the small spider to "eat", can crawl the web information, rather than let it empty handed. Search engine spiders love original content, so we have to improve the site weight, usually prepare some "cooked food" (original content) to let more love our site spider. The spider is a more emotional after the program, since it first came to our site to grab it want to grab the content within a period of time after the will come to visit our site, to see if there is no "new information can grab. Therefore, we should regularly update the website content, this law is not only our usual work rules, but also tell the spider this website content update is regular. Cannot update the set period is too long, the station two or three days to update a original can, have the time and energy of the day to update a better, the original content of each update also need not too much, one or two is enough. Of course is not capped, see energy.

second, do link bait let the spider climb into our site

third, the construction of the chain after

The first step of

we have prepared the original content for the spider crawling, we don’t know if the spider web link, under normal circumstances it will not come, because without our website exists in its database, so we should take the initiative to inform the spider to my site to see, the usual practice is to send abroad chain link bait. The spider is a spider, it will go on the Internet links to crawl. At the same time the link bait page weight will affect the weights of the links to the site, so we usually go to high weight site outside the chain spider, there are many sites included speed is very fast, 1 minutes or a few minutes a new snapshot will be released was released, such the site is a good place for us to lead spider. Owners often go to places such as the question and answer, YAHOO answers, A5 forum, forum and so on are included is outdated, very fast.

attracted spiders regularlyIt is self-evident importance of the

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