Not only to the contents of the original writing achievement excellent resource link

The true nature of

in order to gain the trust of the search engine, in fact, the search engine in order to prevent manipulation link behavior, and optimize the struggle has been cheating. There is a distinctive example, a few years ago, some through the mass software, in the Forum blog group of small ads, as long as the number of links accumulated to a certain degree, there is almost no do not go up to the site. However, these methods do not work in now, because of this and the link is not true is not natural, too many applications not only will not enhance the website weight, it will bring danger of being punished. The soft link, because the content of natural distribution, keywords and links to follow the logic to determine the number of links, and not by leaps and bounds (unless written too insightful, resonate), so almost true to the original ecology of natural.

two, a variety of

, a soft link real natural

soft link

in the case of A5, a quality article released within a short time will get a lot of. Because natural resources are various forwarding, so, almost ordinary website, blog, forum, portal. In many resource forwarding, distribution is also varied, and the site and the number of different articles forwarded are not the same, can be described as a variety of colorful. Not only is the natural resources and diverse, different sites have different weights and different keywords, included the amount of different and different values of PR/SR/BR and so on, so soft and the link is different well-proportioned. And the variety, it is effective reference for the search engine to determine the link quality, but also an important basis for determining website weight and keywords ranking.

three, the soft link stability

website rich content, especially high-quality original content to the search engine optimization, both the website is not to say. Soft text is the original one, the traditional view that the purpose is to deliver products and services, or for public relations services. This website is based on no ground for blame, the optimization objective on the soft writing, the more can enrich the connotation. For example, the website itself requires highly original content, based on the inherent characteristics of both soft marketing, but also take into account the link building mission. Moreover, the soft link has the absolute advantage of other ways to build links the natural link There is nothing comparable to this, rich distribution, stable gradient put right resources and so on, can let other ways be cast into the shade. Perhaps, this is the A5 (soft link test 贵族宝贝bbs.admin5贵族宝贝/thread-2716639-1-1.html from a launch reason is welcome.

is absolutely unstable link taboo, long time over the number of unstable links, it will affect the site keywords ranking, while bringing down the right search engine. But the traditional link, such as exchange links, buy links, Forum > Bo

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