Love and hate you Shanghai dragon third eye Shanghai Longfeng optimization and traffic generation

The fact is not so

although I believe that someone with certain keywords occupies the first place in the search engine rankings, and get a lot of income, but most are not so lucky.

The fact is that

, in a search engine’s specific search word or keyword search at the top of the website is optimized, the result is almost always counterproductive. The reason is that, although the combination of tens of thousands of search phrases do give website bring a lot of traffic, but


, however, need to remember is, get traffic and network marketing content is not the most important. There are many other factors that determine the network marketing success or failure, because, if the flow can not be converted into sales ("transformation" refers to a transaction or to potential visitors become customers ". Then what is the use of traffic the idea of? (I released the single page website user experience has been described.

search engine segmentation technology is different, leading to the key words to grab is not suitable for the transformation, many of the search keywords broad may just idle browsing.

some people think that pull the search engine optimization (Shanghai dragon) is a necessary means of network marketing. Now, you should view the reservations, do not blindly listen to. Oh, don’t misunderstand. I’m not against Shanghai Phoenix, in fact I have multiple sites through Shanghai Longfeng gained considerable traffic. I want to say is: in addition to the Shanghai Phoenix, we have many other ways to obtain and generate traffic, even compared with the Shanghai dragon to flow more accurate, more easy to translate.


to continue to achieve success in network marketing, get traffic of course essential for your website, no people visit your site, it means that no one will register your email subscription list, there is no one to buy your product.

two, deliberately dragged the search engine optimization and transformation into voluntary users almost certainly will damage the site rate. High quality content to attract visitors to register and then buy the product, far more than just for improving search engine ranking content is more important. The problem here is that, in order to improve in a search engine ranking and man-made changes the content of the website, insert some keywords, so that the original idiomatic phrase becomes plausible, could radically change the site was even worse "

in some of them just stepped into the network marketing, there is a common misconception that: the key to successful network marketing is to make the site in the search engine ranking is very high, but the important question is: even if your site is really in the search engine ranking first, it means that you the website from the flow as the surging river in an unbroken line, and then at home to sleep number money?

search engine optimization beyond count often failed to work, here is why the typical part:


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