Old Adsense how you use micro blog Tencent to do the chain

2, be sure to give your micro-blog upload a picture, although this is very confusing and do not know what reason, but after a small experiment is very important.

website www.name2012贵族宝贝 do today Tencent micro-blog outside the chain, you have been in love in Shanghai included, and in the love of Shanghai micro-blog search name, rankings are in front, in order to prove that the weight of micro-blog Tencent.

4, micro-blog updated regularly, with a website is a property, but not particularly diligent.


This is a small part of the

5, to regularly listen to each other, you can use other micro-blog No. @ own your chain account in your name right, helps spider grab included.

since micro-blog’s weight is so high, so we are not owners can use him to do outside the chain? The answer is yes, but small in here to remind everyone, not what micro-blog can do, for example, sina Sohu before these is really a good place to do outside the chain, but since the love Shanghai algorithm improvement constantly, these relatively Tencent micro-blog right a lot of difference, but it is also relatively difficult, so today Xiaobian to share with you is how to use the Tencent micro-blog chain method.

is now micro-blog in the Internet is increasingly hot, but by many ordinary people’s favorite, many stars are also stationed here, and the weight of micro-blog for search engines to give is extremely high, from the "beautiful pictures included the weight of the words" we can see micro-blog how high.

Summary: in fact, using micro-blog

verbose so a lot of small, mainly for some to you how to make Tencent love Shanghai included, become the chain of our website.

6, when the release of the chain must use text links, do not use the anchor text link type, otherwise it will be filtered search engine.

3, micro-blog update not many, but must have the quality (quality is fine content, timely reprint does not matter), usually within 1 weeks of the 2 recommended updates.

1, micro-blog’s name is very important, do not use search engines to identify some of the banned words and symbols.

Tencent to do the chain is a very simple thing, but relatively little time consuming, but small advice you can batch Tencent micro-blog management, which can effectively improve our efficiency, and can use them for mutual powder, the content of each other, can be more quickly let the search engine included, principle is similar to the form of standing group, Xiao Bian now does.


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