Now Shanghai dragon still useful

we are not going to talk about where the chain effect is good, do not talk about what software pseudo original ability, many times we are too concerned about these things, so imperceptibly possessed without knowing it.

for Shanghai dragon had this problem, we may wish to ask yourself a few questions:

therefore, we must pay attention to the content, even if there is no use for Shanghai dragon, it is worth to try, and you think that love Shanghai have no good content! As long as the quality of our content, we love Shanghai definitely tend to

deal!How can content! !

we repeat every day to write, do within the chain, the chain, although the effect is there, but it seems like Shanghai an adjustment for an update, will make a be taken by surprise. Moreover, the original is not well written, pseudo original is not reliable, the chain effect is also more and more low, to doubt, Shanghai dragon and useless, we are not doing

What is the to clinch a deal!

conversion transaction, is of course that provides value to users, improve the user experience of

user experience?

so the essence of the problem came out, the transformation is the key to the

in this era of information explosion, the lack of content, but also the lack of content! Said lack of content you understand, search a lot, also not found a lot through WeChat micro-blog SMS push over; why the lack of content? We can present information is really useful and how many? Because the word "pseudo original", resulting in repeated contents of high and low quality, so really useful things rarely, so talk about how the

good content, can not only meet the needs of users, improve the user experience, can get good rankings, this is beyond doubt, so we don’t have to work hard,

in order to avoid the suspicion of ads, not for

believes that new entrants to the Shanghai dragon er or experienced veteran, all ask ourselves from time to time to find a problem: now do Shanghai dragon

either inside or outside the chain chain, I think it is more convenient to guide users to obtain useful information, is a good means to improve the user experience, so we do at link time don’t think about what to do? Just stand in the user’s point of view to think about, naturally know what keywords what should put links, Knowledge >

still useful? !

was ranked for what? Of course is to flow, to visitors to visit our site;



Shanghai dragon? Is to obtain the good ranking keyword search;

let Shanghai Dragon: content, within the chain, the chain of


traffic is why? There is no doubt that in order to transform,

!The content of chain chain

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