The forgotten living fossil the decline in the survival of BBS

BBS, the disappearance of the

can not keep up the pace of dinosaur bee

if the media and industry insiders compared to 2012 frustrated IT enterprises, very few will think of this website Tianya, mop贵族宝贝 — not they live very well, but eye-catching in micro-blog and WeChat today, soon become a "forgotten corner of the traditional community really BBS".

When the

is such a "vote with their feet", let the BBS community are starting to feel an insipid loneliness. The excitement is micro-blog and WeChat, although Cao Guowei has personally to improve micro-blog’s liquidity in this year, but at least micro-blog has more than 400 million registered users, and micro-blog is under pressure in the BBS community, did not expect to have the magnitude of this user.

in 2012 June, the 120 world ranking on Alexa in domestic websites, and December 2012 is not the last time, it has dropped to 138. You know micro-blog is still in the trial period of 2010, world ranking is 100.


"reversal" appeared in the three year, when SNS’s "spring wind" blowing stage has become China, micro-blog and WeChat in the world, with Tianya as the representative of the BBS community website growth tends to stagnate and even in the face of the user, the flow is also declining, the final result is we gradually become the two or three domestic Internet community sites have many game player, can only rely on an entrance to the network game barely alive.

its own influence on the community Lai >

in China, from the point of view, the Internet economy by many investors and managers of the enterprise for attention and understanding of economic exposure, in the information era of fragmentation, BBS community this group of heavy dinosaurs, natural not like micro-blog bees. One everyone be keenly aware of the phenomenon is, after 2011, hot topic, and influence events almost all is produced and spread from micro-blog, community sites are less of a concern, and gradually become a spectator, follower. In May last year, broke the news entertainment gossip for the strength of mop贵族宝贝, even because of operating costs, the plan moved from Beijing to Nanning. The company was founded two years earlier than the horizon, has created countless UGC and the work for the China (Internet users to create content) community, now ranking also fell out of the early 100.

With the continuous decline of

launched in 1999 is to Tianya its fourteenth year, but now the Tianya registered users is only about 76000000, while the number of online maintenance in about 1 million – this is the most mature, the most active community. In contrast, launched in 2009, has now been bearish Sina micro-blog more than 400 million registered users.

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