Shanghai Longfeng questions in the third period the web site is not included and punished what situa

also, I doubt I love Shanghai website search engine punishment, can you tell me what are the methods to judge the site was punished by

website be punished, I probably said it should help you:

: see the keywords ranking, if the keyword is greatly reduced, the weight also decreased, so must be punished, or short-term fluctuations phenomenon.

A: the site is not included, proposed the concrete analysis of concrete problems, I didn’t see your website, so not to tell you that your site specific problems. But according to your description, about the situation has several:

Several methods of Answer:

4: illegal content, such as copyright infringement, after complaints by search engine delete

: the problems of the robots.txt file, or prohibit the search engines

the Shanghai Dragon

Q: teacher Hello, I use the site command: search the website name, found that the site was not included, I come to this company, which belongs to the new Shanghai dragon, I think of the site, but due to technical limitations, so that you would like to ask such a situation, what kind of?

2: there is a problem with the server, the website cannot be crawled by search engines


: site: instruction search domain, without any structure, must be punished to delete the site.

Shanghai dragon quiz for third period, many of the problems presented by the selected, but also you often need to ask questions. Note: any questions can be added A5 webmaster Shanghai Longfeng Engineer Huang Zhong micro signal: 343031031 AC.

: the search site name, if not in the first row of your site, generally being punished.

Q: I want to see a number of keyword search every day about Huang again how much, ask how to check? Has not been able to find a good way.

4: check the log, this number, you can view the next search engine spiders visiting frequency is changing. If the number of visitors is greatly reduced, and the site itself scale and update speed without change, this means that you don’t love this website spider. Of course, the attendant is punished.

3: serious cheating by search engines removed, but this is now rare

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