Share a chain of fraud using JS examples

in the above chain of fraud, second and fourth is currently still relatively high frequency of form, but only second is not found by the webmaster tools, therefore, the greatest impact is also caught up to second. Guangzhou Qiyi network Xiaobian today to share with you is a chain of fraud cases using JS code.



4, exchange chain after another chain removed.


the two sides exchange chain, other website can see Guangzhou odd billion network keyword "Guangzhou site construction" link, click to go directly to Guangzhou Qiyi network website, such as the red box in the figure below:


website Links after Scindapsus love Shanghai algorithm, the former "became quiet with vigour and vitality". But with the continuous adjustment of love Shanghai algorithm change, the weight of the chain and in the chain more and more low, the friends of the chain website still is one of the important ways to transfer the weight and flow of the web site optimization. Therefore, many owners and the Shanghai dragon ER in order to have better site weight and ranking, still have been looking for a suitable friend chain exchange. However, there are some bad people, hope that through more fast and convenient way to get high weight and flow, therefore, the use of one-way links high weight website has become the means to their ends.

note: because of space reasons, the above ranking only a part of the interception. But from a variety of data can be seen, these two sites are high weight and high traffic sites.

Webmaster Tools query Friends >

was the first to understand our Guangzhou odd billion network chain website:

chain fraud mainly has several kinds:

1, the use of nofollow tags to fraud, this way because it is easy to be checked, the frequency is also more and more low;



3, Hoplinks, friends of the chain of the site after the first jump to third after the web page will enter into the real chain of web pages;

2, using JS code. JS is an instruction for shielding the search engine spiders, processed by JS website chain although directly click on the jump and use webmaster tools are not the problem, but is not to search spider crawling chain file;

Let’s look at the rankings:


regardless of the weight and ranking, are pretty good website, daily traffic is also good. Let us look at each other’s website weight and ranking:

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