Summary webmaster how to build their own website external links

website is for a long time, today is a very important problem we are given a summary that is how to do external links to your site, these are usually summarized their experience, if have a wrong place, also please. We all know the web site of the external links can largely affect your keywords ranking, so every day happy for the construction of the chain. But many novice webmaster because not too understand the relevant knowledge of Shanghai dragon, perhaps too impatient, often to the wrong operation, according to their own experience, combined with the problems we encounter are summarized to share, we also welcome and I exchange.


third, the speed of the chain: the new general to do content, external links should not be in the beginning of the line is to increase website. General 2-3 months belong to the new station, this time it should increase the content and improve the user experience, plus a small amount of external links. After 3 months, the number gradually increased, and we should pay attention to the original content. Half a year later, the site is stable, then gradually increase the number of external links and love Shanghai related domain. But remember, although the number should be increased, but overall still should be guaranteed in the premise of stability.

Second, soft

is a good method for the external links: we do a variety of methods, but I feel soft, which is one of the better method. Because of the soft spread of the brand has a very important role, there is also another station to collect, which will form two or three times, and the website of the external links have also been reproduced and spread over and over. Compared with other methods, soft Wen is labor saving, and a good effect.

fifth, the anchor text text: the cat is particularly important for the website, closing >

The quality of

, the first Links is important: everyone knows Links is a work site must be done, but there may be many novice webmaster do not know why Links so important. And in reality, "Like attracts like. different websites, Birds of a feather flock together." linked together, search engine to give the weight is different, so if and the weight of high site Links, so your site will be given high weight. In addition, don’t stare at the PR, many PR are false or fake PR PR. To pay more attention to the quality of his website snapshot of the update frequency, whether it is rubbish station, look at what he has done a chain, these are the key points we should know.

fourth, the chain: Although the external links are varied, but the quality is different, there are common soft links and links in the forum, and some will go to buy some links for different links, the search engine will give different weights respectively. We should not make a site with too much junk links and low weight links, general spam links refers to the forum signature and blog, most of the high quality link is generally soft link. The article appeared in the link value is much higher than the footer value.

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