Adhere to the original update or why not

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concluded: first understand their industry website there is no need to update, and update the website content is not the user wants to understand the content. Source: Dongguan Zhongxiang network 贵族宝贝zx Shanghai dragon.Cn please keep the link

love Shanghai judged an industry website need to update, it is a big data analysis, if the industry is new demand, you have to ensure the update frequency, otherwise you are not normal, such as movie website, news entertainment website, this strong effective website at any time in the update. Some enterprise site, no need to regularly update the content, why are we so desperately to update


first to know about, why should we write so many original, why should update so much content? In order to rank? In order to snapshot update? In order to include better? Or other? Continue to think of these original content we update the site’s users want to see content? We are updated every day so the user wants to see? On the other hand, from the user’s point of view, we will find the updated content users wouldn’t see us through statistical tools website can also view the content, no one ever clicked on, maybe the webmaster want to site is better included, a snapshot of the most the new course, also want to have a better ranking, but we do not have these users love, love Shanghai certainly will not give good rankings.

some sites do not require a lot of updates, such as the general enterprise site, introduce related products and the general concerns of customers is good, then do some customer witness content, no need every day so bitter forced to write a bunch of original articles to update the content, especially not related content.

user demand investigation, see what users want to know more? Is a relatively simple method is through love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search to understand.

website is "eaglewood seedling", search aloes seedlings, see through the drop-down box, we can love Shanghai (pictured), users most want to know is how to price and kind of aloes seedlings value and other related content, so we in the site inside the layout of the content is not enough, if if possible, write more value in the process of aloes seed drops.

users?We have to do this


had to admire the many webmaster friends, write a lot of articles to update your own website every day, and absolutely original, adhere to this, this kind of writing ability, absolutely is a good quality, so people can and. But the question is, why do we have so much original content, love Shanghai why not give us a good ranking, think it really makes people depressed.

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