Effective collection will affect the ranking you know

let me take a look at what most enterprises in


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new era of search optimization strategy



a lot of people have asked me, I do not update the news, why would I? Continue to "packing scale" as an example, in fact this station should be the target flow to packing scale as the core product for key words, these words are the page optimization is the key that we should do

update site

wave VIP communication circle, is a good idea to gather, platform collection and sharing more ideas and experience, you need to share their experience in it, also.

!The following is part of keyword page!


algorithm can be understood, in fact, to promote the search engine algorithm is often small and medium enterprises and profiteering industry, these black hat cheating superstition superstition site. The following start from the general small and medium sized enterprises:

Special reminder: .

you will find the site updated daily are some of the credit information website, in the course of time, the search engine included the contents of this website, not in the product is the core site, and become packing scale information

Chen website "" packing scale as an example. Every job is to update the Shanghai Phoenix News and the hair of the chain, the following is the daily release of content:

90% now that Shanghai dragon is issued links, update the news! Before I did not believe, but recently went to the house to do that many enterprises think that people really unusual


VIP group in the field yesterday broke the news, the Chengdu salon owners inside Lee, referred to "effective collection", will affect the site ranking immediately! In an uproar, Shanghai love this idea is what

have the order reversed!

concluded: "the effective collection" is to tell the webmaster, I hope you love Shanghai website do not have the order reversed blindly to update, edge flow and consulting news, and should focus on products and target flow, to undertake the

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Shanghai dragon

look at the official to say


effective included mentioned in the previous article, is the edge of traffic, a lot of people in the pursuit of simple site traffic, and will update the number of products is not related to traffic, such as decoration decoration Feng Shui, recruitment website news and information; in fact appropriate this information is a reflection of authoritative information website however, these became the key update,

!In fact, the

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