From the rookie Shanghai dragon Shanghai dragon why ranking than when a mistress

2, an update to love Shanghai, beyond the Shanghai dragon why (temporarily), then it is likely that the current weight calculation, the more inclined to a data rookie met this requirement, which appeared in the rankings beyond the phenomenon. No matter how to update later in the current calculation, be able to transcend itself this is inevitable result after reaching a certain amount of cumulative weight, ranking will certainly fluctuate, calculation will change slightly, but the weight will not disappear;

4, this year I love sharing forum website and content to the sns social platform, not stopped;

Ranking mechanism

3, the forum established 3 months after the Shanghai dragon forum to third, the Shanghai Phoenix to the third page, I didn’t do in Shanghai Longfeng, did not write soft, no correlation chain, no longer continue to update the original

have a stomachache and didn’t go to work at noon, is to open the computer search rankings are a little accident, Shanghai dragon the keyword rankings to third, the first is the love of the Shanghai encyclopedia, second is the Chinaz webmaster tools, and rookie forum Shanghai Longfeng temporarily exceeded only advanced Shanghai dragon why forum in third the name, as shown in figure

1, never use black hat or deception;


5, other stations outside the chain of occasionally adding links;

1, Shanghai love love Shanghai artificial error or

ranked ahead of Shanghai dragon why I made some analysis, get some conclusion, Shanghai Longfeng Er take a look, perhaps can benefit

; ;

6, part of the details of things, a few days if there is still a ranking list, I hope you study together.

3, steady Shanghai dragon, if it is to do brand station, then the pre trial is necessary to adhere to, continue to accumulate, would lead to the onset of the late, no matter how strong explosive force, that day will come sooner or later, it will be worth the effort and technical ability;

2, did not use a lot of resources to do the chain, do special, do the promotion, I didn’t have the same resources;

, some operation:

accident was followed by a burst of excitement, I feel very excited after a brief meeting, I’m not a hype, and even less promotion, only one person at home as planned to operate ranking. More than a year of the forum, anyway, now I come to this position, I sit on, in any case, at least not have regrets.

4, love Shanghai, Shanghai dragon internal rules are only through the phenomenon of law can make nothing of it, in every industry, in fact, few have been stable situation, I contacted many industries, including gray, with the first page, always ranked >


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