How the site architecture is more beneficial to the optimization of Shanghai Dragon

second, with its own website theme template

website design, after the front and back of docking, the architecture of URL can be the column and the station, the first is the column structure of the site design, general reasonable website optimization structure is divided into flat type and tree, the root directory flatpacked is all pages on the site. Such as 贵族宝贝xxxx贵族宝贝/pers>

good or do background program, then we need to design our template file, this step we need to combine our own website theme, with simple and elegant design for the purpose of less use to enlarge, then is the layout of the site, a good layout for our Shanghai dragon can be optimized to achieve a multiplier effect, so how to design layout, first of all, the navigation must be clear, for the website under the program, must be able to reflect in the main navigation inside, because the search engine for your navigation in what position, it is to tell where your site is more important, then, is the URL web page layout, you think that the more important the articles of the latest articles listed in the article page, column page According to the time order, along the column followed by the home page and click on, try to be able to browse to all the article page, the design can be performed after the nested template.

for your webmaster friends, may build a website is not a new topic, like most of our grassroots webmaster, how to survive in the fierce competition in the Internet, you need to have more people skills, whether it is from the art, or to the program, or to the later period promotion optimization, be aware, targeted that can really hands-on, so we can improve the success rate, so for most of our roots, although most of them are doing Shanghai dragon, but how to construct the website, we can be more conducive to optimize, we still need in-depth understanding.

architecture website internal structure and URL columnWhen the

we need to select the site program, of course, if you have the ability to make a relatively safe post system, but it is the best, but for the grass-roots webmaster, the general is still relatively mature CMS system with love or blog and other open source system, so we need to choose, because the open source CMS system this is too much, then we take now used more ingeniux content management system, this system with its simple and easy to operate by many of the sought after, if it is a blog, the ghost off Shanghai Longfeng proposed by WordPress, we can refer to the ghost off Shanghai dragon blog. Is to use WP, sophisticated and efficient, and it is easy to install a variety of free plug-ins, such a good thing, ghost guest recommended.


first, selection and preparation of website program

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