Tittle a new web page title how to write

this is a small part of the first submission in the A5 Adsense online, or pretty nervous, do not know their opinions can not be recognized. This small domain and colleagues in matters related to our new website at the beginning of the title of the website, out and share with you our writing process, hope for those who like us in the website description met some more or less confused webmaster provide a reference material for reference.

but there is a premise, your website title is relevant to the topic description? Title when you grasp the user’s search habits? If you find out the core words of your website to join your web site title

of course, people may ask, the company name is a special keyword, will greatly affect the search index, why Xiao Bian also use this word? It is actually very simple, because the competition is small, or can be said to be the one and only. As late as the company brand promotion, users in the search term if adding brand word > results

so when describing the TCM apprentice test network of the title of the page and small team through the following steps: the title of the

if these problems are not completely, not only the new website user experience is relatively poor, in no ranking, your chance of website is the net to search is also in decline, it means that your website traffic at the beginning will have greatly improved, and we build a website is to attract users are concerned about our products



website set up, if you do not have what cheating and regular maintenance update, the home page is soon to be loved in Shanghai included in the search engine, then the user in the search for relevant keywords on your website is likely to be displayed in the search results page.

take our new teacher apprentice exam, teacher apprentice this industry word that we cannot put it directly as the core of the web site keywords to use, because the new site is not what the initial competitiveness, so in the end we discuss the results of our company to join in, the result became the core in the word ", which can promote from our company’s brand, topic related keywords and website also can reach the highest.

must first determine the site core keywords

After the new

selected the highest efficiency of the core keywords, which is the search number, keywords competition index is relatively small, this is the priority among priorities in our work. And early in the website construction on the choice of the most popular keyword searches, it is meaningless. People do so many years, you want to go over them in a short duration of time, is undoubtedly a fantastic idea, so we need to be down-to-earth, step by step, first from the key words more easily with their website weight increase slowly, doing too late.

first included: title page editor is very important

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