The search engine is how to determine the original

search engine is the most important tool is the spider crawling and grab, so the search spider crawling to analyze and archive page, here we need to consider the problem of search spider crawling efficiency, and not the website content update can immediately search spider crawling, especially for new sites, need to do more the original protection measures. Sometimes after high quality content is the weight of the station reprint, easy to cause the search engine to improve the judgment cost, leading to the original and reproduced confusion, so it should take preventive measures. Because the search engine will grasp the original judgment, according to the index of time, in order to improve the existing drawbacks, love Shanghai also launched a search engine tool: Ping tool, when the website content updates, can be the first time through the Ping URL will inform the search engine spiders.

2, structured data using

3, love Shanghai original spark program




love letter Shanghai original plan had its real intention is to show more of the most valuable information to the user, which is more emphasis is on the " ", an original; often the original article can get the search engine more trust and support, of course, the premise of this article is the original value. The original spark plan is love Shanghai to focus on supporting the original high quality website project, while the first is in the news media websites, "

for search engines, its ultimate aim is to better meet the needs of users, namely we often say "user experience", want to do a good user experience and the need to consider many aspects and grasp, which improve the quality of content is very important and key index. To provide the most valuable information is the key, which needs to be emphasized is whether the original. At present, Shanghai love search engine in information extraction and ranking analysis process, the content of the original evaluation index is very important. Then, the search engine is how to judge the content, in order to determine whether the original? Original content is how to improve the opportunity to show more? To solve this problem, the author also talk about personal views, hope colleagues.

currently love Shanghai search engine in order to improve and reduce the cost of judging whether the original content, provides the optimization mechanism of the data, the purpose is to let more high-quality resources show more reasonable, especially in the application of structured data, software, video quiz, online documentation, data download website is widely used one of them, the role of structured data is to let the search engine better judgment original and non original. The recent love Shanghai search engine based on CMS launched Discuz! Structured data plug-in, its function is to push the new real-time URL forum and the latest content. I believe that the latter has a different CMS plug-in application different, we will wait for good news!

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