How to make the website keywords bring traffic

, original material as we re processing.

keyword can bring you high popularity it is very much a good key if there is a good

, a basic step of keywords mining work


with a few people divergent thinking, from the user’s search habits, based on the characteristics of the industry, the first batch of original

Optimization of stage The third step:

search volume is too small and too large first screened keywords. Because of these words or the optimization difficulty is too large, not suitable for

You choose the on this site construction siteThe

ranking, that bring traffic to your site is very high, so the choice of keywords is very heavy

search volume record, and in accordance with a reverse order small search. In this step, we will be the

will each keyword

customers are? Do they have search habits and so on?…… Do these base


basically into third tables is the core target keywords, but they are still

in the target search engine search by first step out of the original list of keywords,

before we keyword locating on a website, first of all to

does not go up, if small and do not bring traffic, but we finally decided the small we are doing, I

if you want to have a website with much traffic so your website keywords must choose good if

! When we do keywords site in time is also very hesitant, if the keywords to do bigger and climb

should be taken as the core of a new website keywords ranking up meaning not (these words can be considered as

The research of

industry has a basic understanding: for example, its business model is? How to target

hold to now! So you can have a try, can also take a look at the following say, speaking is very

force is big, small also with small, mainly in order to enhance the weight of love Shanghai! We always adhere to

the first step: to search for keywords parameters selection of

the truth! website profit?The characteristics of


keywords to expand

is not the final.


). Then, we will have to keep the word to another table, waiting for the next step for the

second step: understanding the industry and customer

foundation, organized into a table. These products and services, the name of the service, on the basis of


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