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time, no longer analysis of competitors, domain name service, website and so on, more than three points, can you understand. Thus, the optimization of the difficulty of the key words of Shanghai dragon ".

in Shanghai love home search "Shanghai dragon", the official will give the opinion suggested that authority of the word of it.

two: the chain is still in effect in the optimization of the chain of Shanghai dragon? How to do

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1. from Shanghai love index analysis:




within ten years before the weight of more than 4 of the site has 5 and is the home page, website, 4 of the weight of the flow, quality, your heart is clear. Beijing time now 22:05 auction site is full, 10 places. The top ten rankings almost did not change, Shanghai love their own website, Shanghai dragon why Zac forum, blog and so is the famous sites, and the second page ranking is the strength of some company or personal blog.

display search results number nearly 55 million, the word that is very popular.

As everyone knows the words "

this article first write out the words, are likely to involve some sites of interest, but no matter how, I decided to write this article relates to the Shanghai dragon optimization articles, to share with you, and you can also hope that the Shanghai dragon optimization master communication and discussion. The article is divided into two parts, before the start, I’ll give you the key difficulty of optimization analysis under the "Shanghai dragon", in my analysis at the same time, you can also understand Shanghai Longfeng optimization before several places should be analyzed. Then I’ll give you the chain to analyze the effect of optimization in Shanghai dragon. When you finished reading it, I believe you will also have a certain understanding of Shanghai dragon optimization. If you understand the words "Shanghai dragon", you can directly read the second part of this paper.

3 in aid from the analysis of


, Shanghai dragon" authoritative and very popular, the military is a hotly contested spot. The "Shanghai dragon" the optimization of key words to the company or individual love Shanghai home or the three pages, but also have considerable strength.

: difficult to optimize the key word "Shanghai dragon" analysis

"Shanghai dragon" love Shanghai index into a year, has been stable at between 6000-9000, occasionally over a million.

2. from the number of love Shanghai web search analysis


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