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the effective registration login billing, each valid registered 1 yuan. Definition:

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OICQ: "play" out of the new industry

for many readers, to introduce OICQ, have to start from what is ICQ. ICQ is the abbreviation "Iseekyou" English said, Chinese means: I am looking for you. Its functions are like pagers that are frequently used in everyday life. Therefore, ICQ is becoming a synonym for "Internet pager".

however in the beginning they encountered trouble: because the subsequent development of marketing and software requires a large amount of money, and there was no one willing to invest in enterprises. Because their market philosophy seems to be too advanced – they want to free users to use the software to attract a large number of users, with the rapid growth of users to enhance the brand value of ICQ".

in an investment situation, they to the global Internet users to download and use ICQ software to provide free service, well beyond all expectations! By 1998, Mirabilis’s ICQ users had grown to 12 million people and had grown at a rate of 1 million per month.


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

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