March 2015 love Shanghai adjusted Shanghai Longfeng analysis

1. website design, if your design is very poor, I think the user does not want other things.

then love what is the difference of Shanghai cancel snapshot optimization analysis? We love Shanghai, more care about the user experience, there may be some people say "you joke!" the love of Shanghai know how user experience! Yes, if your site has not been included, the love of Shanghai is not known and if you included in your web site from falling in love with love to transgression, Shanghai will stop by the user in your time or your stay experience which page, if a long time that the user experience is good, it’s like you (if you like fishing shop, shop for nothing interest, will you stay in this shop for a long time? Of course not.), so love Shanghai attaches great importance to the user experience.

we are very concerned about the optimization in addition to what experience is very important! Now let’s talk about a few years ago, Links of optimization is very helpful, so now adjusted and help? Answer: < >, Links help just love Shanghai to reduce weight, higher requirement is Links the best is the exchange, not to buy, because the quality is poor to buy. I will ask the station weight is very low, so a lot of people or new sites, and I did not change how to do? Not even to buy a new station, if you are new to buy Links love Shanghai one will know that you are buying, even you think no one exchange with you, right to love Shanghai! Will not know? Here the new webmaster more urgent, then how do we stand? Don’t worry, there are ways, 1. is more in need of user experience (very important is the original article) 2. is (external links to the hair outside.

2. of the original article is very important, good article is able to retain people, of course in their station the best correlation, the word is not the more the better, because the words are too much sometimes some people do not look directly, what this article! What is it! This is very important, now many people will see the beginning and results (the start and the results are of interest to them, and then will not stand up to see) so the beginning and the result is very important, the user experience is the most important of the two aspects.

how can we make the user experience


Shanghai dragon optimization all know love Shanghai in March a lot of adjustments, first of all to talk about love, Shanghai cancel snapshot shows good, so for example, if for some old snapshot not update site is a good thing, the user can not see the snapshot of your time, exchange Links convenient and have very good help, what is the difference between the original snapshot for no good, you are in Shanghai but is a good thing for the snapshot to cancel the original snapshot not update station.

March 2015, Shanghai to love a snapshot, included, including his tools have been adjusted, so we should Shanghai Longfeng do? How to understand the new love Shanghai dynamic, today China Shanghai dragon team for everyone to talk about.

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