Several common factors of personal website is down right

external factors: as internal factors, external factors may lead to site is down right also many for example:

from the beginning of the chronicle was kept for us to instill a word, "You reap what you sow., may start from kindergarten, we came in this thinking way, when we grow up, also seems to be aware of the words contained in the meaning. Here I want to say is that the work is not necessarily a harvest, but no pains, there will be no harvest, so in the end how the work will leave the flower of the victory? Take the booming website promotion work, in order to optimize the work of a large company enterprise website, how many people in hard work, just to put your site do Shanghai Google home page, a lot of time on them has seen the dawn of time, suddenly the sudden change in the weather, it is found that your website is down Right. Many people may take a long time to heal your heart, but for his site is down right is still unclear.

2 stack serious. May in a short period of time to improve the site’s ranking, but if the search engines as cheating sites

There are many reasons for

the fact that the site was down the right, but the overall summed up in nothing more than two points, a website: internal factors. Two: external factors website.

1: the site server is not stable. If a web site server is not stable, it will seriously affect the search engine on the web included, because if the web server is often closed, will let the spider rejected on this website, the last of a friend’s company website because of serious faults lead to server, had to change the IP address, but the IP address was immediately replaced, sensitive spider found, the final result is the site is small drop right.

2: the reason of the chain. Although we may know, love Shanghai and Google has many differences, in the website for example, Google cares more about the chain, but the love of Shanghai in this area requires less, but some low does not mean that it is not a concern. The influence of the chain of the site is very large and very rapid, generally there is no regularity, easy to change radically, some forums you add for example general blog or if once they are closed or are large this "make only superficial changes.

3: website update frequency is too high. The search engine is the adaptation period and test period of


1: the layout of the site is not reasonable, affect your search engine.

on a website

4: 1. I hope the shortest time to website rankings do go up, so no restrictions are also published articles, search engine cheating.

internal factors: internal factors separately, then in fact also includes a lot of, here is a simple list of some common common factors.

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