Shanghai dragon ultimate algorithm grassroots webmaster this year with the lesson of blood

my second job, is to do a wedding business training company has just been established, a total of 3 people. I am in charge of Shanghai dragon and promotion, insisted for nearly a month, the boss said that the loss of 2W yuan, we broke up. I work for a month, the eyes have red enough to get 1200 yuan wages; another partner did not get wages, he later opened his own a wedding company; our boss went to a wedding in Chengdu power company as a sales and training instructor to.


3, second copies of network marketing, the company closed down

my first job is to do a building late training company, position is network promotion. The network Department of the company members: a supervisor program was born, do not understand marketing; a Shanghai Dragon (brother) is responsible for editing, extrapolation and optimization, strength is good; a love Shanghai auction, just learning SEM, to the company soon; a production company, to also soon; and a new the media operations, WeChat public number, the feeling is the soy sauce, is new. Because of lack of experience, I spent 19 days in the class, he was sacked in charge, not to pay because I said no wages on the line, is my own their own pit.

Shanghai dragon ultimate algorithm




1, learning more than half a month of network marketing, study of the

Civil engineering

third jobs, is a building materials industry platform company, is mainly responsible for the Shanghai dragon, salary 3K. I spent nearly half a year here, I have to resign. Because the company was founded in 2-3, the company has not been profitable, mainly rely on government support, the boss of each month the credit card to pay our wages. The reason I was in this company completely invisible any profitable.


my university, after graduating in June 2015 to do related work in the computer industry. Professional did not learn, not to look for a job, and I love playing the game of passion accidentally entered the dahne. I first learned more than half a month, just to build society, because your tuition fees (loans down to 2W yuan) and some other reasons, did not continue to learn, home to start looking for a job.

I in June 1, 2015 to buy space and domain name, now just 1 years in June 1, 2016. Shanghai dragon ultimate algorithm this article mainly talked about the grassroots webmaster this year to the lesson of blood.

2, my first network promotion, is open

4, third full-time Shanghai Longfeng work, he had to resign


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