Provide nternet marketing solutions for the future of Shanghai is the Dragon

in order to solve the above problems, the author thinks that provides Internet marketing a full set of solutions is the inevitable way to do the Shanghai dragon. Keywords traditional service based ranking in the single line, to gradually rise to build a richer service system:

finally, Shanghai dragon service technology the traditional threshold low, high reproducibility, leading to a serious loss of talent. When the technical personnel to master the core means of promotion, then found himself doing out may be higher than working income, easily quit and live on their own.

: the characteristics and limitations of the traditional Shanghai dragon

3: soft Wen planning and service delivery

5: Other Services >

2: micro-blog, SNS and other new media marketing services

4: the company to provide Internet brand planning and the establishment, maintenance services

1: provide Internet advertising planning and delivery service

second, Shanghai dragon is only one aspect of Internet marketing, but not all. Although the search engine may occupy more than 80% of Internet traffic entrance, but this does not mean that all. We must first see is like new media such as micro-blog, SNS in the rapid development, become one of the entrance in at the same time, they also gradually become one of the factors when the search engine to compute the weights to be considered; secondly, in certain industries, perhaps because of its target customer characteristics, but the search engine is not the main source of traffic.

two: to provide Internet marketing solutions is the future of Shanghai dragon

is such a phenomenon in Shanghai dragon Er circles now: novices often eager to pick a single website optimization services, and many veteran has been through the Shanghai Dragon Technology in their own products to make the station, on the market can provide the service of Shanghai Longfeng are mostly individual or small team. The author thinks that the main reason for this phenomenon is due to the current Shanghai Longfeng provider’s line of business is too single, and with the continuous influx of competitors, the added value of the industry has been decreased, and the way to solve this problem is to provide a set of Internet marketing solutions.

first, the traditional Shanghai Longfeng generally provide only a single keyword ranking service, as long as the keywords ranking do up that is done. In the early days of the Internet, this is not a problem, because at that time the Internet is not mature, the use of keyword search is relatively small. But with the continuous development of the Internet, according to a survey of Internet users use the long tail keywords increasingly high proportion, more and more people to understand the precise keywords to search to the results you want. At this time if the customer’s business understanding is not deep enough, to determine the key words more accurate, so even if the keyword ranking is up, the conversion rate is also likely to be particularly low, counterproductive.

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