Shanghai Longfeng learning should not blindly follow the trend of many Shanghai dragon theory does n

novice learning Shanghai Longfeng blindly, lack of independent thinking spirit

when I was holding a cheerful mood to use this method, but when you release the exchange of information, take the initiative to come to you Links fewer people to almost negligible (exaggerated), so this method does not have the actual combat.

method two, with industries and business partners

Look at the following example:

not all of them with actual combat

understanding of the Shanghai dragon, every day after work I will spend time in Shanghai dragon’s books, read a few of the later found no use, so I went online to see some experience to share, then I was infatuated with the so-called crash skills, how to realize the flow of hundreds of thousands of night, novice how to earn 100 thousand years so, studying the method how to copy others. After a year of practice and summary, I found a lot of Shanghai Longfeng optimization scheme is not very practical (some people want to clap brick), listen to me slowly for you to:

BBS, a method to link the

I am on the contrary, not personally operation before, I won’t write to release, only practice to put their ideas into the article, not because the hair of the chain and do something they do not understand the pseudo original, I would go directly to the author’s blog. To be honest, Shanghai dragon theory are mostly through practice to summarize, but if a theory does not have the Shanghai dragon that most people can learn Shanghai, simple to use, so it does not have the common value, which means that its combat is not strong.

exchange forum


I admit that now many people love empty talk, love to follow suit, the lack of the spirit of independent thinking. In A5, many industry forum can see the technology and experience sharing articles, write really like it, copy of which content to love Shanghai yisou, easily found that the article was posted to many forums, and I promise I won’t be the same person as. So I have reason to suspect that these experiences are summed up by the predecessors, the publisher is not really used, thinking, after the original simple treatment after release to other forums.

why I kept saying that these theories are not practical? Because of their actual performance ability are not prominent. If these do not have the theory of optimization scheme of Shanghai dragon let you use the simple characteristics, the theory is not widely recognized, actual it is not strong. For example, do the chain, "content is king, the chain for emperor" is the webmaster has already realized, after experts summed up the chain method of not less than 10, but after I practice, most of them are only stay in theory, not suitable for most people to operate.

advantages: website link weight this profit is very high, is an ideal means to do friends chain with them.

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