The original article is not equal to high quality content

illustrated the way update articles, to let readers especially some women good to hear or see, stand, if there is text there are beautiful beautiful pictures on the inside, I believe many people will see the tireless; than monotonous and boring unconscious eye a long and minute statement, you will feel tired, can not see how long it will turn off the site the high bounce rate, there is a certain relationship.

had seen a webmaster original feeling is very characteristic, he is a webmaster articles, just discuss the group is webmaster exchange group, he put every day we chat, directly copy and paste to the site, soon found that the site was in love with the sea K, from that this poor readability as the search engine but hide the piercing eye.

? In fact,

remember reading are the words, now the search engine of this may also have certain requirements, a lean and short articles to express things is also very limited, in order to attract the user’s reading, personally think that the article or have a certain number of requirements, such as webmaster familiar Admin5 station network, ask the webmaster friends contribute words to reach 800 words or more, this has certain fullness from the browsing perspective, in addition to the words of course for sentence fluent, typos requirement is very high.

second, the

first, have a certain number of words, readable

webmasters wondering why their websites, are their own hands to create an article of the original article, included only a little, the ranking is also very poor? And others are collected and station, the ranking is so ideal, summed up: the original is the clouds. Is it really so the search engine of the original not so keen? But the fact that the search engine has a special liking for the original article still stands, from the point of view can be easily seen, high quality original articles indexed by search engines faster, but also give a good ranking, especially sensitive to the original Google. Good article, long tail keywords new can also get a good ranking.

third, clear theme, high correlation

has many friends just the concept of misunderstanding, believes that as long as you write the article is the original article, is that the high quality of the search engine love, in fact, only half of that, your writing is original this is true, but the search engine is not necessarily their own love to write the article, the site in Shanghai the production company attracting network search engine is to say exactly what kind of love the original article

is also a way with search engine love, add ALT tag articles, let the search engines read the content of the picture, so as to give the weight of high value, a sense of user love the content and form, but also love the search engine, so the update method can show pictures with the value of the content of an article.


value shows pictures

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