The optimization scheme of the Sina blog

1. Sina blog. We have registered a Sina blog, after successful registration, you have a Sina blog, of course, not with the Sina blog began to send some content to the blog, we must first set a good blog path, many people may not know how to set the path, because I see many people blog is the system default path of sina, so I talk to you about. Enter your Sina blog after blog, first click on the upper left corner of the "individual center", then click the "Settings", click "account / blog settings", then a modified Personal Data dialog box appears, and then click the "blog", fill in you want to set the address in the blog on the surface, we set the path suggested here blog for your keyword Pinyin, such as our company is the production of LED advertising vehicle, so we in the Sina blog address is: Sina blog +ledguanggaoche, this advantage is that the search engine will search to your site Pinyin, do not believe you can love Shanghai search a key Quanpin, love Shanghai will automatically prompt you is not to search for a keyword, such as you can love Shanghai search ledguanggaoche, search results As follows:

in the setting of Sina blog path can use keywords in spelling, website, website recommendations can be set to key words spelling, it may get key vote. Many people love with the first letter of keywords to do site, so love Shanghai is unable to retrieve, and is not convenient for the user memory.

Now more and more blog

third party, like Sina blog, blog, blog, blog and so on NetEase Sohu, but from the audience’s perspective, or the number of sina and Sina in the domestic blog most, is also the most humane, the most mature blog. For Shanghai dragon people, there should be no people do not know the Sina blog, the chain platform after all so good. Today we explain Sina blog for all optimization methods.

So we not only


2. blog posts should pay attention to the problem. Many people apply for the Sina blog, began frantically to send some of the above content, this is not reasonable. Do we need to keep Sina blog search engine, the trust is too slow to develop, so we are the best Sina blog regularly updated, not just prompted by a sudden impulse. We suggest that at the beginning of Bowen, not with the anchor text link, because it will cause you to wait until your article is not included, the Sina blog included normal, to link with. Also to remind everyone, everyone is always very greedy, always want to bring some more links to an article, there was no need for an article, we only need to take a link is enough, too much influence and included the long tail word ranking, and affect the user reading. To attract attention, Sina.


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