YAHOO search began testing the use of Google technology will be no longer exclusive

on Wednesday confirmed that the company has started testing in a small part of the desktop and mobile search results in the use of Google search advertising. "When we try hard for YAHOO to create the perfect user experience, we also launched a small scale test with various partners, including search providers." The company said in a statement, "there is no more news to share."

and Microsoft search to renegotiate the agreement, then allowed to cooperate with other search providers. And for a period of 10 years prior to the signing of the cooperation agreement, will be the search service will become the exclusive YAHOO’s search results and search advertising provider. But the new agreement renegotiated after that, YAHOO can use up to provide their own search technology or other companies in the 49% search results in technology.


and Google may lead to antitrust review. Google has a majority share in the global search market, the European Commission has launched a formal investigation of the allegations, the abuse of dominant position. (Yu

YAHOO book)

CEO Marisa · Meijer (Marissa Mayer) served as head of Google’s search product, but she had previously said the company will focus on the development of new search products, and not to the old club to seek help. She is still active and third party products reached a cooperation agreement in the search engine, such as Firefox and Oracle Java software bundled with YAHOO search.

technology news Beijing time on July 2nd morning news, the U.S. Department of justice in 2008 had rejected the agreement of search advertisement cooperation, YAHOO and Google, but now, the two companies are exploring new ways of cooperation: YAHOO will use Google to provide some regular search results and search advertising.

Extensive search partnership agreement between YAHOO YAHOO In April this year, YAHOO

Google has confirmed this.

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