Website optimization secrets to success is to repeat things to do

persist! A persistence may be enough to make many webmaster website construction and optimization are filled with a thousand regrets, need to how much time will be successful? Website optimization seems more like a marathon, started when we are full of confidence, seems to be successful. But after the road a bumpy road, to adhere to the last but There is not much left. For example, every day unremittingly original, there should be no webmaster will deny the original content can effectively enhance the website weight, but as long as a browsing some websites can easily know the real, original content less and less. Not only the original, such as link building, continuous optimization and improvement as well as the website. So the website optimization really difficult, not the methods and skills, but the application of the method and skills of perseverance, perseverance to do things repeatedly.

has stressed that the excellent content and original content, because some high quality reproduced can also enhance the website weight, only reprint should not become the main part of a website. The construction site, the original should always be the main theme of the same. I have been around the contents of the original author, also stressed more than once their point of view, is the fundamental content of a web site. Because the search engine is based on a good user experience, must Everfount for visitors to provide fresh content, as many of the site has become a source of information search engine. This is why some can continue to update the site search engine can get lasting in favor of reason.

"content is king, link the emperor", adhere to the quality of content rich website, second insist unremitting construction of high quality links. The emphasis on the quality of the link, and not just that link, because many owners are now sending tools and the black chain puzzled eyes. That as long as there is a link to the website optimization, and it is the massive black chain link increased slowly, indeed can also enhance the website weight, let some of the webmaster tools group and black chain effect no doubt. In fact, this is very dangerous, you know behind the search engine is a technical team of how strong, not difficult to identify those black chain does not know the existence of mass > link

One of the

repeat two: adhere to the quality of the link referral site

repeat: adhere to the excellent content rich website

excellent content is the premise, must be continuously updated. Many people think that, as long as each week large-scale update a website can be, is the reason given by the search engine is generally a week for a small update. This view is wrong, the first is to update the frequent site search spiders will lead to frequent presence, there have been new content included search also will continue to accumulate website weight; second week a major update, will bring to the search engine three days fishing nets two days of drying feeling, that lack of website maintenance the same is not conducive to enhance the website weight. But a large number of updates are easy for search engines to bring danger of being mistaken for cheating, right down punishment.

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