What is the focus of enterprise website optimization


on the enterprise website content creation method, we can also refer to. 1, by adding a detailed description of the product page, establish high quality content page. 2, the industry technical knowledge to prepare related articles. 3, collect customer related problems, and then through the way of question and answer. 4, show some recent transaction order information on the website.

In fact,

why is the reasonable structure, rather than a good structure? It is because for the enterprise website, the website information is not, therefore generally use the conventional structure to the layout of the site can be, there is no need to take the unusual way. And in the search engine optimization guide in the text, but also in the structure layout standardization requirements. In simple terms, the structure of enterprise website must first meet the user access habits. Then with the help of spider crawling mechanism to layout can be. The structure of enterprise website is Datong small.

, of course content is

two, the rationalization of the structure of

chain is not the emperor, but the content is still king. Experiments show that the quality of website content is sufficiently powerful case, even if the site has some bad behavior, the search engine can be tolerated, the website structure is bad, a lot of web page links, and the chain is not much, but because of the high quality content support, the website can get the same ranking. As the search engine for the original content increasingly seriously, believe that the intention of original webmaster will get higher returns.

believes that the office in the network company, Shanghai dragon Er, most of them are from the enterprise website optimization started out. Relative to other sites, the Internet accounted for most of the enterprise website, enterprise website and the general pursuit of high conversion rate, high turnover rate, Shanghai dragon is undoubtedly the best choice for the decision-maker of the enterprise network marketing. Compared to some of the B2B enterprise website, portal website, has the advantages of simple structure and clear content, not the amount of information, the number of pages has the advantages of less, easy management and operation, in contrast, Shanghai dragon will naturally reduce the burden.

There are several

in the enterprise website optimization case the author in recent years in the web site outside of the chain do not much, colleagues love do outside the chain, but you know I don’t love the chain. As a result, may be the reason for my lazy. Secondly, not like the individual Shanghai dragon, a large number of Internet manufacturing waste, therefore, the construction of the chain will be up in the A5 Adsense nets and home owners vote here even if a draft. In spite of this, several websites ranking still get very good. Then the enterprise website optimization focus where


in the past, Shanghai dragon page has a saying that "content is king, the chain for emperor", such words. In fact, in the chain algorithm is not so strict, the author found the shortcomings of this sentence. The chain is not the emperor, not very early, especially now, against the chain algorithm frequently attack, the chain is not the emperor, but do not will become the devil.

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