Enterprise products website Shanghai dragon ranking strategy thinking

1, the correct positioning of user groups

Internet sites, but to the law of the case, that is to sell products, sell services. The entire Internet business products up to 80% sites, but most enterprise website ranking Shanghai dragon but very poor, it is because the enterprise website is most individual stations, are basically in rookie in optimization, tonight Hangzhou Shanghai dragon will teach you how to solve the enterprise products website of Shanghai dragon ranking strategy, completely solve the product Shanghai Longfeng website ranking on the list of problems.

3, web page quality

as the saying goes, the content is king, lead to a lot of people think that to have ranking must be included; there are a lot of people think that the snapshot is high weight fast. In fact, this view is one-sided, we side have a point of view, the user to your enterprise products website, he is your product or view your article? This is a problem we have to consider, because a large number of users to search the product key words come to your website most of the products, is not the article, causing the user can not quickly find the desired product, so the customer needs no article that garbage piled up, then your website has become a garbage station, you said the garbage station can have a good ranking of Shanghai dragon

? How many

familiar words, 80% flow of a website is from the long term, and the long tail word is need to rely on the web page of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, so the quality and the web page is closely related to the long tail word ranking.

first we plan a website, we should first correct positioning of user groups, rather than a large number of search users will search keywords or long tail word. For the most simple example, users to search the keyword search engine to Shanghai dragon show results page, users may search Shanghai dragon training, may also want to know what is the Shanghai dragon or want to find Shanghai Longfeng business; although the word Shanghai Longfeng users search volume, but the demand is very wide, very customer orientation is not accurate, the conversion rate is very low; but if you are doing Shanghai dragon training, you put the key words do, although not the word search volume search Shanghai dragon large volume, but the correct positioning of the user groups, the relative conversion rate will rise, and left Shanghai dragon ranking difficulty also not to have the word Shanghai dragon competition, relatively simple, we Why not?

web page quality depends on the


2, the content of the problem

we can pass on the product page fine-tuning and update part of the user or common problems. Of course, this kind of problem, the customer service is to understand how the most, by providing customer service problems of writing, of course content is best original text, we don’t need big long, single quality and original degree we must have security.


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