The site suffered punishment in Shanghai Longfeng in depth analysis of the phenomenon and Countermea


many webmasters believe that the engine will not punish some excessive optimization site, if you are in the < TITLE> < H1> <, H2> <,,; H3> I>, and < ALT and TITLE tags, parameter domain, sub domain, directory name and file name, repeat a few times and it’s the entire page, you are doing a blatant attempt to deceive, the weight of your site will be further decline rather than rise further. While the engine is ranked ", rather than the site, it believed that some penalty for the entire domain, not just a specific page. Is there excessive optimization punishment has been hotly debated in the online forum many compelling arguments and evidence. My feeling is that the punishment does exist.

the word "punishment" is often used incorrectly resulting in decreased website weight (keywords ranking drop, with a new snapshot, included sharp, disappeared from the search engine), if SE punish your site by reducing weight (or completely removed from the index), which is a penalty. However, if a site just fails without good rankings, this should not be punished? For example, your web page is a picture. This is very positive, but Google can not read those words, let us look at some of the following penalties.

www. website, the better, because no www. is the real top-level domain, with www. itself is two level domain name. We will usually carry www. 301 redirect to www. with < site:yourdomain贵族宝贝> YAHOO search, only to return to our home page, rather than any other of the 600 + page content. I am writing to YAHOO in January 2005, they told me, "

may not punish them, because they are too specific search phrase title and the entire page in the search engine love to repeat the same way. This may be Google doesn’t care if the accurate search phrase title page, and focus on the user experience, rather than a simple stack or repeat has powerful content, to treat the search engine as the user, rather than a simple spider robot.

non www punishment

What is optimization excessive punishment ?

here is an example: "the cheapest ticket" in Google, only ten results include this title is the exact phrase! PPC and compete for the top ranking websites clearly have a lot, so it’s unbelievable is only a high weight website in the standard use of "the cheapest ticket item in". This means that other sites contain this exact phrase in the title, but did not get good rankings, this is strong evidence that Google has punished them.

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