Do not Shanghai dragon will not learn the 5 key knowledge

three: how to select the site keywords, which consists of auxiliary words, core keywords, long tail keywords. Don’t underestimate it oh well these lessons, there may be a small key words will bring you unexpected wealth. Keywords reference must love Shanghai boss. Keywords key position including: on top, left, page title, text. So this is also one of the important properties of a short duration of time can do the best, with the help of some keyword query analysis tool.

two: must understand the basic rules of search engine website before, including how it crawl the page, included content and difference of each search engine. (mainly love Shanghai with Google, first proposed a specific information on spiders, called, victorious)

: do not casually can be made, the premise must have an independent space with IP, now many stations with foreign virtual space, although the price is cheap, in fact, poor stability. One is not in the same IP up N websites, search engine websites with laj and hate Seqing station with a server.

Hello, due to work schedule is tight, plump network mall edit this brief write very need Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, some key points with my friends. As a reference, I hope my friends support small.

must have enough content published on the website, and there will be the original content, search engine spiders like Cengfan spiders, every day you have to give to him to have dinner, otherwise he will be very angry, the consequences will be grievous. The web content must be connected to the hypertext search engine, in addition to love, users will find your connection through the website, you will get the more traffic, weight.

five: when the website keywords, after art design as well, it is necessary for the website ranking to think, the so-called webmaster is website optimization, ranking for death. This is not false. Website optimization points below small focus on several aspects.

want to let others find you, the first step is to submit your site to search engines, so far the world’s biggest search engine is Google, which holds 60% of the world’s "landscape", you fight with him hot less good. Of course, other search engines are very important, they are the love of Shanghai, search, Youdao, YAHOO and so on.

Every When the site after >

four: after selecting the keywords, then to optimize keywords. The Title, keywords, description etc. must have keywords, title up do not exceed 3 Description, not too long, the key in that failed to fully express title and keywords.


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