How to optimize the mobile phone version of the tourism website

to continuously upgrade in mobile phone application in the field of tourism brand, this is a common problem.

For many More and more users have content The

between consumers and their mobile devices have personal contact, therefore, compared to other digital channels in their mobile phone to provide appropriate user experience and encourage personalized user participation become more critical.

in Webcredible, we have been focusing on mobile phone user experience has done a lot of consulting work, we have recently also in the tourism industry on the one hand to carry out a lot of work.

mobile phone when it comes to success, we have to mention one of the most important aspects of user experience.


is not all on the computer display page can display in the mobile phone version of the site, because the latter is smaller, so that each pixel adjustment will have an impact on the page.

therefore, must reduce the number of mobile web page content – which is to provide an optimized mobile phone version of the site. This page should contain only the most important content or function.

2. using the single column

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Hotels贵族宝贝 (one of our customers recently) want to optimize their mobile phone applications, to meet customer demand (through the long-term target for mobile phone channels to enhance brand experience, customer satisfaction and loyalty).

1. reduced number of

has led to a lot of industry began to promote the multi-channel marketing strategy and method based on mobile phone, and the tourism industry is one of them.

full page cannot be displayed in the small screen of a mobile phone, even in such a iPhone intelligent mobile phone screen (compared to other mobile phone, the screen is larger), users still need to narrow the standard web page to page size with mobile phone screen.

note: This is a guest article by Webcredible (network company, headquartered in the UK) CEO Trenton Moss.

The application of

if you need to add content >

according to different brands, should be taken in the field of mobile phone application strategies are different. Tourism brand is committed to optimizing the user experience in the mobile phone, you can take the following tips:

in order to solve this problem, should make a single column layout of the page, the page level which can make full use of the entire screen.

mobile network and mobile phone applications are used more and more frequently, the tourism brand should be how to optimize the mobile phone version of the site? The author puts forward six tips below.

intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer, the use of mobile network and mobile phone applications are becoming more and more frequent, consumers are used to browse websites and online shopping in the use of mobile phone.

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