Meagan website optimization process needs to grasp some strategies

site link strategy

, the first web site keywords strategy


enterprise website, industry website, portal website, e-commerce website and so on, different website technology, so the implementation and management of different strategies. Now a lot of big portals and vertical industry websites have the user’s own Shanghai Dragon technology team, with respect to the enterprise station and some shopping sites is more choice of Shanghai Longfeng projects outsourced to professional Shanghai Longfeng company. Here we want to emphasize that according to different types of websites, need to develop suitable sites in their Shanghai Longfeng execution and project management strategy, choose the right direction, but.

fourth, Shanghai dragon execution strategy and project management

began planning from the website, you should make a detailed operation plan of website operation, make a guidance for the latter part of the promotion, website content etc.. Especially in the search engine optimization process, should be more emphasis on efficiency and strategy, if there is no target to carry out the work, will lead to the late Shanghai dragon deviate from the website operation purpose, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources and time. Through the study of network marketing in recent years and experience, Meagan SEO share several web site optimization process needs to grasp some strategies.

is a website optimization success depends largely on the choice of keywords. A lot of people interested in the keyword optimization, also is to choose some popular keywords to get a good ranking in the search engine. In fact, this optimization is very one-sided, should Shanghai Longfeng stress is a station optimization strategy, is the site of the products / services of the whole industry involves the user search words for a deep mining show, keyword ranking is just one part of the work has been. As to a website set up the theme of the site and not related to the keyword search index, daily tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of short term traffic will surge, but it did not bring the conversion rate, or the user at the site after the flash off site, so the site itself is not of any significance. So the website optimization process should pay more attention to the choice of keywords.

website optimization is to pay attention to the whole site layout, each site should focus on the goal of website product / service and the characteristics of Shanghai dragon, on the site, website, website content mechanism and other aspects of the reasonable layout.

is composed of tens of thousands of Internet sites, including data search engine on the web crawl is more dependent on the links between websites are crawling. So if you want a website to increase exposure will get more links. How fast, reasonable and continuous increase of backlinks? For different sites also require different strategies, making a good increase link strategy, and then planned to go, in order to achieve the best effect. If improper operation will finally have danger of being punished.

site layout strategy


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