The knife of noble punishment way baby website

recent foreign search engine optimization community as a site to be punished, and discuss the bustling. This site is J.C. Penney. In their search results have many noble baby inside keywords are up very well, a lot of search words, can find their pages to Chinese keywords for example for example: clothing, bedding, carpets, jeans, tablecloth etc.. These words in the Chinese domain, is of high commercial value, but also from the perspective of search engine optimization, is also popular keywords.

to count from the penalty time, noble baby is three months, half a year or even longer period of time. There is a slight cheating site, after being punished, and actively look for reasons, clear signs of cheating. The baby will soon release noble website, release site of punishment.

early aristocratic baby, for cheating website punish only one result, that is to delete the index of the website. Also, very difficult to re included in this website. Later, the penalty is increased by different algorithms. Delete the site index of punishment, still. But this punishment is the most severe punishment results.

said: noble baby take a very tolerant attitude to Shanghai dragon, most of the site can use Shanghai dragon to enhance the value of the site. But the site did indeed go too far, many keywords have occupied the first place. This event, ultimately caused Matt Cutts to reiterate the punishment mechanism noble baby. According to the observation of the knife in the search engine optimization industry for many years, do not easily punish noble baby a website, and even a site being punished, will estimate the severity of your algorithm website cheating circumstances, give different punishment.


site is now being punished, is right to be reduced processing. Right down, the punishment term of Shanghai Longfeng industry. This call, get search engine official recognition, unknown. Drop right punishment result, lower ranking website was originally very good, in a period of time, no matter what efforts, websites are very difficult to have a good performance. This is a noble baby at present, the most commonly used punishment.

Some foreign experts in Shanghai dragon

J.C. Penney was punished, from the discussion of the Shanghai dragon industry’s point of view, the reason is because the purchase link be punished. The tipping point is the New York Times published on this site rankings article has caused great attention, eventually caused by the nobility to punish baby. Because of personal expression ability is limited, but I also try to let you webmaster friends can read everything I say, and the center of. The knife also hope to know more and more senior practitioners of the new Shanghai Shanghai dragon, dragon optimization group: 68204508.


knife article by foreign investment transactions (贵族宝贝tianxiafx贵族宝贝) network, the first A5.

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