Zombies love the plants in Shanghai Shanghai Dragon Wars ER algorithm

for the pomegranate algorithm, I think it is very beneficial to the future development of the Internet, advertising may be the main source of profit for some sites, which leads to many websites affect user experience too many advertisements, causing the user first experience on site is poor, to give the user the feeling is very uncomfortable.

for on-line love Shanghai "plants" algorithm, we have to come up with countermeasures of Shanghai dragon zombies, or whether it is green pomegranate algorithm, the ultimate goal is for a better user experience, so we can find the key point, that is the user experience. We believe, in order to optimize ranking, users easily find our website, find our website can retain users is the key, is the core, so do the Shanghai dragon, or starting from the user experience, users love the contents of the construction of the chain of nature, this is the king, do users and spiders love the Shanghai dragon Er, it is fundamental to the long-term development of the site. This article from the Adamva family 贵族宝贝company.yadangwawa贵族宝贝 webmaster original A5 first, please retain the copyright, respect for others, respect yourself.

algorithm for the pomegranate love Shanghai’s new line, do Shanghai dragon friends will understand, will also have some ideas here, Adam doll home station long talk down some ideas of love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm.

look at the object under the pomegranate algorithm for: "containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page page is spam." This is the love of Shanghai pomegranate algorithm for web site or page, in fact it is junk advertising, whether it is floating window advertising, advertising, advertising antithetical couplet and so on, should be paid attention to, as the Shanghai dragon should check their website whether the existence of the above problems, now the site itself to find the problem, this is a qualified Shanghai dragon Er should do.

love Shanghai empress from this year began a round of "plant" algorithm updates, make soeer miserable ah, February love Shanghai on-line Scindapsus aureus algorithm, dedicated to combating the garbage chain. A few days ago, Shanghai love on the line of pomegranate algorithm, hit some user experience very much against spam sites. According to the frequency, is expected next update algorithm should be in August and September, do not know the next time Baidu will be out of what the whole algorithm, Adam doll home owners bold prediction, I feel update Baidu next may make a banana algorithm, only scratched skin to eat, that is the site is only a layer of skin to give users the best experience, ha, kidding, okay.

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