Website optimization Abstract role should not be overlooked



ER in the process of writing the Shanghai dragon, which is a norm in the first paragraph must appear keywords, and the best can be presented in the first sentence. But in practice, it is very difficult to do, so the present compensation precisely this problem. We can stop after a summary overview of the content, let keywords appear in the abstract, but when spider creeping is also the first to see the content of the web site to be included.




we can see that the keyword of the website the first time at the beginning, to attract the spider crawling.

look at this screenshot, is about 400 calls for the words and write an article, the abstract is appeared on the website of the head, as follows:

Below is the Keywords

why web content can not be ignored so the

web content is the basis of the website, a good website not only conducive to the user experience, but also an important role on the site optimization. Therefore in the website optimization process, the higher the quality of the content on the website, the website will be more likely to be included, in order to improve website ranking. With the importance of improving the quality of website content, the content publication editor is also become more and more standardized. Usually we can see some large portal site content will be abstract in the abstract, we can see some important information. But this point occurs rarely in the general practice of enterprise website content, the website content in fact is also very important, can not be ignored.


showed time in the abstract, both for the user experience and search engine is good. From the user’s point of view, in that content can be seen at the beginning of this article the purpose, not to see the last of this article is to know what to say, so not only can save users do not have to time, also can let users know immediately this article is not I want information. Search engine from the point of view, the text of the first 50 to 100 words to the weight will be relatively high, this is more conducive to keywords ranking.


NetEase Abstract:

in conclusion, a summary of the article has not only improved the content correlation, absorption of creeping search engine spiders, but also can enhance the search engine of the contents included effective. The original starting A5, please indicate the link from 贵族宝贝, as a webmaster, thank you


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