To win in the details TAGS Tag Optimization Construction of very fruitful

TAGS Tag Optimization eliminate arbitrary aimless, in the optimization process, should maintain its content correlation. Whether the final weight label was collected and ranking, because the correlation is one of the search engine page quality and weight decision rules.

any program that does not define the TAGS label how to write, but if the optimization effect, but also how to write standard, we can achieve the optimization effect? In writing TAGS tags, we need to know its purpose is to bring together the relevant information after filing a statement, therefore has good generality. In addition TAGS tags, as a word, we should avoid the "optimization sentence" is the basic norms.

don’t think what words are suitable to appear in the optimization program and tag, search engine is not defined in the rules, but for example if the primary key of a website is applied to optimize the label ", so what is the use? And use tags to optimize the main keywords, not as good do optimization classification is more suitable for the content page. In the TAGS tag on the choice, but should focus on the choice of long tail keywords, so make it easier for the label optimization necessarily effect.


is a hot word to the traffic is terrible, others optimization for months or even years may not see the effect of the words you >



five: TAGS

selected to avoid hot word

a lot of webmaster in setting the TAGS label, did not take into account whether it will bring their own search, with how to love is how to set. Finally, the search engine is included, the page is a more effective but also to flow and snapshot? You know, optimization label is aimed to bring traffic, or even collected ten thousand pieces of information but not to any traffic, to what is the use of

: standard writing TAGS tags

three: TAGS tags and avoid the keyword

two: TAGS tag and the correlation between

four: TAGS tag to search volume

TAGS tags, can easily be classified information together, it can be widely used in the website construction and optimization. Such as the current mainstream CMS, blog system, forum program have related functions, thus its importance is also remarkable. A collection of information can facilitate the users more convenient to find relevant information, and avoid the complicated search filter. On the other hand, the optimization of TAGS tags properly, more easily get good rankings site long tail keywords, so as to bring huge traffic group. But despite the advantages of TAGS heavy, but not in writing to any. How to obtain the optimization effect of the TAGS tag very fruitful, further analysis of the following, if you are interested may wish to read as follows:

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