The title of the website optimization Shanghai dragon essence of articles

1.2, the final results of the study: from the perspective of keyword mining, can clear analysis to the following data

I went to the medical institutions before writing this article can also be said that the hospital, the hospital itself is the entity, from the actual marketing perspective and Shanghai Longfeng perspective, the ultimate goal is the marketing to the hospital patients with conversion rate, we all know the competition of medical institutions like a swordsman in a naked fight, if you the shot is too slow or your hand is not accurate, then you will be in Shanghai Longfeng and network marketing on the road of lost opportunity, the following examples.


site title is a site soul, Title Positioning and writing in relation to the development of the site after, so is the Shanghai dragon if you want your website has a good ranking, we must attach great importance to the site title, the title of the site as the name, only to write a good website title will attract the attention of users for example, as even the same, Xifeng, profit brother, Shanghai dragon that something and so on, so how to make the site title, essence under the following share over the years of induction.

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Keywords " Keywords

" optimization of vitiligo disease in April 1, 2012 officially entered the Beijing Indonesia Chinese Medicine Hospital Dermatology Hospital of Shanghai dragon training and to attack the urgent need of optimization and search engine marketing, so today from the perspective of optimization to locate the site title

skin disease

, a Website Title How to locate




title to the analysis of the competition should begin from the target keywords competition, if your competitive target keyword search volume is too large or even love Shanghai index is very high, this time you need to consider is to target key words, or do the long tail keywords, then is put on your website in the title positioning of the keywords, so that the positioning from the website weight of the title of the website of good support, how to do the title, if in the conditions of strong competition intensity to obtain accurate and precise flow of customers, this is what we want to locate the web site of the title of the standard.

diseaseThe medicine The analysis of Analysis of orientation from the rival

competition subject of vitiligo hospital


, 1.1 competitors: competition results of the analysis is to love Shanghai home all about vitiligo in the least competition station site group number reached 180, the news release of up to 20 channels, the chain of up to 50 channels platform, according to incomplete statistics, buy black chain chain per month more than 500.


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