The internal optimization strategy of Jingdong mall electricity supplier website


1. page title figure:






now has many novice do stand in the time do not know add the alt attribute, also do not know what is the alt attribute, I first introduce what is the ALT property; when the mouse on the picture, will display a brief introduction of the text, as shown in the figure; now the search engine more and more intelligent, spider is your website code, and not the site, when he touched the picture, and can not distinguish the picture, so you have to.

4. pictures of the figure:


author Zhou Xusheng that when I mentioned the word Jingdong mall everybody certainly is not strange, there will be a lot of people in the Jingdong on the mall to buy things, that problem! How many people really know how to do Shanghai Longfeng mall is the Jingdong internal optimization? Who really analyzed Jingdong mall site? Let the author to analyze the optimization way of this website;

Shenyang Shanghai dragon consultant Zhou Xusheng today for everyone to introduce business website how to do internal optimization of Shanghai dragon! Example: Jingdong


layout is to increase website content relevance and user search terms, this point I do not say we all know; the keyword of the website are based on the basic user experience, those words are searching, and the layout is also very important, the layout of the key word Jingdong mall is very clever, have keywords the layout of every place in the page title, description, top column, column navigation, and so on! Everywhere keywords; figure:

The ALT property

3. Keywords:


reminder: please pay attention to protect your eyes when reading; long time online please waving your neck;

this business web page title and not do it as the enterprise station, but also pay attention to the layout of the like, don’t need to do that, as long as the prominent website selling point, giving the feeling of a glance, let a person see the title will know what you do! Jingdong mall is the faith of this design concept of the title!

website is to do with the description of the main title, around the title to describe, to attract users to click, highlight the product selling point, see Jingdong around the mall, he describes the title product selling point "integrated shopping mall" and further deepen the title, direct, convenient, integrity;

2. home is described in figure

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