The website provided how to make search engines better weight approved suggestions

station without the original that Peugeot, may soon have the original tips for long-term Peugeot updated the original web site can also, of course with the original weight, Peugeot, may greatly forward a step, from this point of view after the site can only go out of the way is go to update the original, less junk content on its website, which is not only a waste of resources, but also reach the purpose of right. Again, a website update one or two article original easy, really want to talk about how the original update every day is not easy, but for the sake of our website can provide the right long-term efficient, a little progress every day weight, or the length of time, the website weight will go up, the site has the weight, what rank here, we pay is worth it. I like the composition of this site, I am every day to update the original article, every day is not much, also two or three, I persisted for half a year, the site now has two weights, a lot of keywords also have good rankings, of course, traffic is a major step forward. The webmaster to site tomorrow, we have to do the original, come on.

mention the right slow, long-term right,

a few days ago, the major site of the chain business column is forced to shut down, a magic weapon that used to be a new station on the line will buy some of the chain to let BD did not change, is the chain for the website provided a useful right really did it? The answer is negative, just love Shanghai will let the webmaster understand, be to engage in some simple chain, you must not overdo sth.. Why is the chain for the website also mention the right to use it, just say don’t love Shanghai sales chain, normal exchange chain is useful and feasible. Of course, the sale of the chain may also affect the search engine spiders judge normal website weight. So, as the head of the US, with the chain this piece carefully especially, bound for the chain is provided to the right, we like to do it.

. A chain on the site right is not useless, but still useful to reduce weight

in the chain don’t ignore, don’t underestimate, right cannot do without it

Before the two day for Shanghai

website is really tired, search engine boss love Shanghai while suppress the chain selling, then push the original website that beautiful, let the webmaster is really a bit puzzled, so now how to improve the site weight, how to make the search engine more scientific recognition, I for example to talk about from several aspects.

Two. Original

in the chain for the website weight, maybe some people will say, that every time I update an article in a lot of chain, it is not right to mention even more, I want to say that will only hurt your website, I said in the chain is not programmed to do the fixed position of the links. You have to always do within the chain have to give it a random, let the search engine spiders cannot recognize you this is just doing the link to. Of course, you might say so good trouble yo, every time go.

Three. Now the

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