The rapid increase in the website keywords ranking four use the anchor text

1, the anchor text? A few articles in front of the how to do?

Hello, I’m Muzi into the boat. In the previous three articles "to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking: a selection of key words" "rapidly improve the site keywords ranking two keywords:" optimization "to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking three:" I work outside the station auxiliary introduces some knowledge about improving the keyword ranking, a lot of friends made a suggestion that give me some more to talk about specific practices: don’t talk, major problems. In fact, this may be a drawback for me, I found myself wandering in the direction of love, don’t want to talk about the specific operation. Some people say that my article is not deep enough, indeed, after all I was in contact with Shanghai Longfeng for so long, there are many deficiencies, there are many aspects need to improve. Today I continue to talk about some experience to rapidly improve the site keywords ranking, but also learned on the basis of these suggestions, choose a small, specific keywords in anchor text to talk about their own to enhance the utilization of website ranking in.

, in fact, I have already mentioned some of the views of the anchor text, such as the anchor text anchor text diversity, user experience, but they are not specific enough, here I spent some of his mind finishing some views about the anchor text, I hope these ideas can really give you some help, so that everyone can get past operation.

was the first to talk about this issue because we only have a clear understanding in order to better for the anchor text to make it, make it to enhance our website keywords ranking the best help, let us do it more easily.

What is

2, the anchor text

A, the anchor text to make full use of

actually we do not need to tangle on this issue, we all know that Shanghai is Longfeng nature, sometimes deliberately demand is not a good thing. I understand that in accordance with the anchor text is also good, at least since I do in Shanghai Longfeng for such a long time is to use this understanding to do, there is no big problem, website ranking is stable.

front I talked about a lot but how about the following specific point:

first out of the question, mainly because I for the anchor text understanding is not precise, I understand the anchor text, anchor text is in key words do hyperlinks may be biased, you can give me some advice. I have been very hard to understand to love Shanghai Wikipedia explanation, but also try to understand a few times, but eventually gave up.

a lot of people in the use of the anchor text are used to find some keywords, inserted into the line, in fact, this operation is very general, but we use the anchor text for the degree is not enough, I introduce a method the following simple, we are in the process to the website optimization, suggest that you do a list of links, each of the title and the corresponding URL >

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